Didn't Get into an IIT

Didn’t Get Into IIT? Here is How to be Successful Without iIt

Do you think it is hard or somewhat impossible to be successful in life without getting into IIT? Think again!

The mistake is not yours, actually. We live in a society where IITs are seen as the epitome of success. However, it is not the only way to find success.

It is possible not to be an IITian and yet live a great life.

Most of the youngsters believe that only the IITs and NITs can grant a fulfilling career. This is not true.

There lies an ocean of opportunities beyond IIT. It is time to break the misconception. We want to share with you a roadmap to be successful in life without an IIT degree

Correct your Mindset 

The first and foremost thing is to have a positive mindset. You have to believe that you are going to be successful, no matter what. 

It is not helpful to believe that only IIT will your gateway to success. You will beat yourself up for no good reason.

In other words, our reality is the result of our thoughts. You need to believe yourself before anyone else believes you. Self-belief is a very powerful thing. 

When Rahul Sharma was about to launch Micromax, his colleagues discouraged him, saying that his idea won’t work. He won’t be able to compete with Nokia, which was the leading mobile brand in India at that time.

But guess what? Micromax emerged as a successful mobile phone brand. 

Likewise, IITs are the leading institutions. You might think it is hard to compete with those guys. Still, many people manage to make it in life without it. You can do the same too.

Define your Life Goals

After you are all set to move ahead with the right mindset, the next step is to set goals.

Getting into IIT cannot be an ultimate goal. It is just a single milestone of a long journey. There is no guarantee that IITians will always end up successful and satisfied in life. 

So, know your ultimate goals. What do you want from life? Money? Fame? Respect?

Once you clearly know your goals, create a plan to reach there. If one plan doesn’t work, try another. 

For instance, all birds make a nest at a safe place before it rains. But an Eagle survives rains by flying above the cloud.

Some will use their IIT tag to reach their ultimate goals. But, you have to find another way to reach yours. And remember, there is always a way (if you are willing enough to find it).

Go Beyond conventions

“Think out of the box,” have you ever heard this phrase? It simply means – sometimes, you need to think differently, go against conventional methods to achieve certain goals.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels

Do you think being successful without IIT is tough? Some people reached the heights of success even without any college degree. 

I am referring to some of the biggest Indian entrepreneurs who are college dropouts. 

Hence, if you have got an innovative business plan or next-generation startup idea, don’t be afraid to choose an unconventional path.

I find one real-life example worth mentioning here. A shark in a tank hardly grows up to 8 inches. In contrast, the same shark grows to 8 feet in the ocean.

The moral?

Sometimes, you need to come out of the box to grow. This box is your narrow mindset, the limits you have created, or perhaps, the thinking that you cannot be successful without IIT.

Identify your Key Talent

Everyone is gifted with unique fingerprints and unique talents. Discover that one key talent at which you are not just good but great at.

Some are great designers; others are great coders. It can be anything that sets your soul on fire.

Once you identify your key talent, work hard, and brush it up. Get in-depth knowledge in the field that matches your interests.

If you have a talent and you are willing to work sincerely to nurture it, then success will find its way up to you, for sure.

Sharpen your Soft Skills

What are soft skills? A set of skills that aren’t required to excel in academics but definitely required to excel in life.

We are living in the 21st century. Degrees alone cannot make you stand apart. To do so, you need to acquire soft skills like effective communication, financial planning, leadership, team spirit, and so on.

Learning such skills can take your career to the next level. You will get an edge over your peers. 

Do not take this tip for granted. Every successful person has invested in learning soft skills. 

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet considers investing in a public speaking course as one of the greatest investments of his life.

Make Self-Satisfaction the Priority

Success is often symbolized as owning expensive cars, wearing branded clothes, and living a luxurious life. 

Don’t let all this fool you! Instead, make your own definition of success. 

Not everyone wants the Rolls Royce; some are happy enough with Honda. Similarly, not everyone is behind money; some want to create an impact.

As I said before, find your spark. How will you measure success – through the amount of money earned or by the extent of impact you created?

Whatever satisfies your soul the most, make it your priority. This priority will help you determine where you stand in life and how far you still need to go.

Final Thoughts

Go through all the points thoroughly and keep them in your mind, always. Never think again that a great career needs a degree from great institutions. 

Rather, a great career needs an enormous amount of dedication, determination, discipline, and sacrifice. 

Your key takeaway from this article is –

No worries if you can’t get into IIT. Look carefully; life has much more to offer you. Success is not bound to any degree, not even IIT. You have fair and equal chances to do well in life and end up victoriously.