12 high paying jobs beyond IIT

Top 12 High paying jobs without an iit degree

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Top 12 High Paying Jobs You Can Bag Without An IIT Degree

Gone are the days when IITs and NITs were only the way to grab high-paying jobs. 

Today, youths of the country are thinking beyond IIT. Many graduates are successful in grabbing high paying jobs without getting into IIT.

In this article, we list some of the highest paying jobs in India that don’t require the prestigious tag of an IIT, NIT, and so on. Let us break convention and explore the possibilities lying beyond IIT. Many of these jobs don’t even require an engineering degree. 

1. Aviation (Pilots)

What is the job of a pilot?

The primary responsibility of a pilot is to fly airplanes. Airplanes transport people and cargo. They are also used for rescue operations, aerial photography and charter flights.


What is the scope of pilot jobs in the present day?

The increase in the number of commercial aircrafts has led to a growing demand for pilots. Pilots earn really well, travel the world, and make good money. Even though COVID has put the entire travel industry at risk. This industry is bound to bounce back. 


How much do pilots make?

When it comes to commercial pilots, their average salary is around 17 lac per year. For military pilots, the salary ranges between 80,000-90,000. Private pilots have a better starting salary range – 1.5-2 lac.

2. Architecture


What are the job responsibilities of architects?

Architects conserve old buildings, design new buildings, and develop practical ways to use existing structures. They work in the construction industry.


Can architecture be regarded as a great career option?

Sectors like urban development, construction, and interior designing always feel the need for good architects.


How much do architects make?

The average total compensation for an architect with about 1-4 years of experience is approximately 50,000 per month. With the increase in experience, an architect can earn an average total salary of 15 lac per annum.

3. Indian Navy


What is the role played by the Indian Navy?

Since now you have decided to go beyond IIT, why not go ahead and serve your country? The Indian Navy is responsible for maintaining and training combat-ready naval forces to win wars and discourage aggression.

Is Indian Navy a promising career option?

Why not? Joining the Navy brings you respect, builds your personality, gives a privilege to serve your nation, and of course, has excellent earning potential.

How much can one earn while working for the Indian Navy?

The average salary for an engineer in the Indian Navy is around 7 lac per annum. In the case of Administration Executives, the average annual salary is approximately 4 lac.

4. Aeronautical Engineering


What is the job of an aeronautical engineer?

An aeronautical engineer is responsible for the manufacturer, design, development, and maintenance of aircrafts.  

Is it wise to choose aeronautical engineering as a career option?

After becoming a graduate in aeronautical engineering, students can work for excellent organizations like NASA, ISRO, HAL, and DRDO. Aeronautical engineering is not just a good career option in India, but also has a good scope in other countries.


What is the average annual salary of an aeronautical engineer?

In India, aeronautical engineers usually get paid in the range of 5-6 lac per annum. At any rate, with an increase in years of experience, aeronautical engineering can also fetch you an annual salary of more than 10 lac.

5. Software Engineering

software engineering is among the highest paying jobs in India
Image source: Pixabay


What is the job of a software engineer?

Software engineers usually work on design, evaluation, maintenance, development, and testing of software solutions to business problems. 


Is software engineering an appealing career option?

Unquestionably software engineering is a sought after career. Start ups and established companies both need software engineers. Students of information technology and software engineering are going to be in great demand for a while

How much does the job of software engineers pay?

The annual salary of a software engineer with about 1-4 years of experience is around between 3-12L. Experienced software engineers can make 20-40 Lacs/year. They can also get stock options in the companies they work for. That can lead to long term wealth.

6. Data Science Analyst

What does a data science analyst do?

This is actually not one but two jobs. There are data scientists that build predictive models and AI/ML models to analyse data. And then there are data analysts that build data infrastructure for companies to help them store their data in a way that makes analysis easier. 

In most cases, a data science analyst is responsible for the design and maintenance of databases and data systems. They are responsible for the analysis of huge sets of data and organize them into organized information that helps businesses improve their processes.


Is the job of a data science analyst a lucrative one?

Data science and Data analyst has emerged as a bright career option. Sectors like telecom, finance, insurance, IT, software and retail have a great demand for data science and data analysts.

How much does a data science analyst make?

With less than one year of experience, it is possible for a data science analyst to make around 5 lac per annum. With an experience of 1 to 4 years, you earn well above that. The average salary of an individual working in this sector is approximately 6.98 lac per annum.


7. Web Developer


What is the job of a web developer?

Web developers build websites. As comprehended by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, web development will see a 20% growth from 2012 to 2024. Most web developers nowadays work as freelance web developers. This helps them to become their own bosses. No fancy degree is required to break into this field. Just a regular degree with a sincere passion for your work is all you need.


Is there any scope for the job of a web developer?

The IT industry has a broad scope in both India and abroad. There is no scarcity of companies that recruit web developers to play critical roles for their projects involving back end and front end web development.


How much does a web developer earn?

Web developers at the entry-level earn around 2.32 lac per annum, web developers with a medium-level of experience get a salary hike to around 5.89 lac per annum.


8. Web Designer


What role does a web designer play?

A web designer plays the role of creating a website’s design and layout. People working in such sectors may be required to update an existing website or even focus on a brand new one.


Is web designing a better career option?

The growing demand for e-commerce and mobile devices is going to help this sector stay in demand for a long time.

What is the annual salary of a web designer?

At the entry-level, a web designer earns around 1.95 lac per annum. With the increase in experience to the mid-level, the annual salary of a web designer increases to about 4.1 lac. Senior web designers usually have their annual salary in the range of 5.5-5.8 lac. UX Designers can make over 15L / year. 


9. App Developer


What is the job of an app developer?

The role of an app developer is to create, test, and launch apps for mobile phones, computers, and tablets. App developers usually work in teams to generate ideas for a specific customer or the public. People are even learning to code through online courses. They don’t even own a proper degree and are still earning six-figure income a month. The potential in the field of application development is enormous.


What is the scope of app development as a career option?

App development is a lucrative career option. There is a high demand for both Android as well as iOS app developers. Generally, iOS app developers usually earn more than developers working on Android apps.


How much is the salary for app development?

The average salary of an app developer is approximately 5.02 lac. In India, the average salary of a developer working on Android apps is usually around 3.63 lac.

 10. Biomedical Engineering


What is the job role of biomedical engineers?

Biomedical engineers are usually responsible for designing biomedical devices and equipment, like machines for diagnosing medical problems, replacements for specific body parts, and artificial internal organs.


Is biomedical engineering a good career option?

Biomedical engineering is a unique blend of healthcare and engineering. These two sectors offer some of the best job prospects. Biomedical engineering in India has a long way to go. 

What is the average annual salary of a biomedical engineer?

In India, the average annual salary for an individual working in the sector of biomedical engineering is approximately 3.61 lac.

11. Android/iOS developer


What are Android/iOS developers responsible for?

People working in such sectors are responsible for designing algorithms, troubleshooting and upgrading existing software, and improving the performance of applications.


Is the job of an Android/iOS developer a good option?

The job of an Android/iOS developer is indeed a good option as it helps make a satisfying career and a very competitive income. The demand for skilled developers in such sectors is very high.


What is the annual salary of an Android/iOS developer?

The starting salary of an Android developer is approximately 3.54 lac per annum. An increase in years of experience can help fetch around 8.19 lac per annum. The average annual salary of an IOS developer in India is approximately 4.67 lac.

12. Civil Services


What is the role played by a civil servant?

A civil servant is responsible for the implementation of government and developmental policies. But, the most crucial role played by a civil servant is to act as a link between the government and the masses.

What is the scope of civil services?

In India, civil service is a job that confers authority, popularity, and respect. Civil servants are respected by the public for a great deal.

How much do civil servants earn?

After the 7th pay commission, IAS officers’ pay scale is 56,100 per month, excluding DA, HRA, and TA. 5 years of service are required for civil servants to earn in the pay scale of 50,000-1.5 lac per month.



Final Thoughts

We have listed some of the most high paying jobs today. You know what the best part is? None of them requires an IIT degree. You can choose which one is for you based on your interests. All the jobs mentioned above are rewarding career options waiting for you when you choose to look beyond IIT.

Stop being depressed over the thought of not being an IITian. Instead, turn the tides in your favor by enrolling in courses that will help you land the above-mentioned jobs.

Do not forget to comment on which one is your favorite job option from this array. Go, make it happen! Think beyond IIT.