Anudeep Nekkanti

Anudeep nekkanti: success story of a non-iitian

Anudeep Nekkanti was born and brought up in a small town called Samalkot, near Vizag. 

While studying in the eleventh grade, he had no insight into the world of IIT-JEE training. 

Anudeep is neither an IITian nor a part of the top-notch NITs. He is a B. Tech graduate in Computer Science from Neerukonda Institute of Technological Science, a private engineering institution in Vizag. 

Why Anudeep Nekkanti made the News Headlines?

Anudeep works at Google in Mountain View, California. He was also a world finalist at the International Collegiate Programming Contest and is an algorithmic programming contest for college students. 

This boy from a small town has become a source of pride and inspiration for many youngsters. 

Early Life of Anudeep Nekkanti 

Anudeep Nekkanti is from an educated family. His sister is also a B. Tech graduate in Computer Science. She persuaded Anudeep to choose his current path.

Like most of the students, Anudeep also aimed at getting admission into any of the prestigious IITs. Therefore, he prepared for the famously tough IIT-JEE entrance examination in 2012 but did not get selected.

His efforts and struggles that year couldn’t get him into the institution he favored. Consequently, he took admission at a private engineering institution in Vizag. 

In the campus placement program, Anudeep was offered a job of 3.5 LPA with a bond period of 2 years. 

Did he decide to go with the flow? No, Anudeep declined the offer. He had something bigger to achieve. 

With optimism and ambition, he started on his journey of landing a job at widely popular companies like Flipkart, Amazon, and Uber. However, his efforts were not successful. 

What was Stopping Anudeep from Reaching his Goal?

The engineering degree from a private institution was somewhere responsible for the obstacles in Anudeep’s journey. The lack of working experience was also putting him in a difficult position.

Anudeep Nekkanti also tried his luck at some startups. However, like bigger companies, startups also preferred graduates from reputed and premium institutions. 

Anudeep continued to struggle and deal with rejection. 

Fortunately, Anudeep Nekkanti had worked hard to develop his talent in logic, data structures, algorithms, and computer programming. He had a good grasp over numerous aspects associated with the heart of computer science. 

He also had good control over DSA. The young boy was the winner at several inter-college coding events and visited the ACM-ICPC regionals several times.

How did Anudeep Nekkanti Get a Job At Google?

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The big day finally arrived. In 2014, Anudeep appeared for an interview at the tech giant Google. It was a splendid opportunity for Anudeep. After all, he had waited for this moment since long.

According to the young boy, grades were never a factor in deciding on Google. In the CV, he had not mentioned much about his grades. His CV only revealed B.Tech 4th year with a CGPA of 8. 

In the beginning, Anudeep had to face the telephonic interview. In the next process, he was a part of 6 onsite interviews at Google Hyderabad. The final one was the managerial interview at Google.

According to Anudeep Nekkanti, all the interview questions were related to algorithms and data structures.

In certain rounds, the interview committee projected questions on designing parallel computation algorithms. However, it was easy to solve such questions for Anudeep. 

Moreover, Anudeep had a good knowledge about parallel computation  to answer such questions.

After a series of grilling interviews and challenging questions, Anudeep finally got his dream job at the tech giant. He was offered jobs in London, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. 

However, Anudeep did not found interested in any of the three locations. He was looking forward to placement at Zurich.

Anudeep was finally a part of his dream company with an annual salary of 1.5 crores INR. According to him, his control over competitive programming played a major role in bringing him the breakthrough.

Final Thoughts 

When Anudeep Nekkanti was in the 11th grade, he was neither aware of IIT-JEE nor had any clue about AIEEE. His sister greatly supported him in shaping a career in Computer Science and Engineering.

Though his degree from a private college made the path difficult yet, Anudeep’s skills, hard work, and never-give-up attitude took him to his dream destination. With his true talent, he fought the battles and won many of them.

His life is a source of inspiration for every student who believes that graduating from a premium institution is necessary for a successful career. 

Dedication and determination can help you shape your career better. Therefore, never stop trying until you achieve your goals. 


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