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Tacts for success and career journeys to emulate IF YOU do not get into an IIT

99% of aspirants don’t get into an IIT or a Government funded technical institute (GFTI). Yet, there are no resources for students and parents to plan their next move. I wrote this book to share tactics for success So that you can shape your career and not lose sleep if you did not get into an IIT.

Growing up, we are told to get an education. This largely means getting degrees from prestigious schools so that you path in life gets easier. Nothing wrong about the intention but it kinda misses the point, especially when you have to give up a lot to get that “prestigious degree.” That too in your “Wonder years.”

So many kids in India are missing a great part of their life due to “prep work” for various entrance exams. Kids start signing up for courses as early as 8th grade for an exam they have to give in 12th grade. Some kids even move to cities built for coaching. Cities like Kota, Rajasthan or capitals of various states. They have one goal. To make money. They couldn’t care less about 90% of the students who sign up for these courses under parental pressure. The pressure never relents.

And, this is all for a degree that you might never use once you get it. A degree that probably does not matter in the long run. A degree that takes away hours of wonder and joy from 11 Lac aspirants over 4 years of preparation. 

The ludicrousness of this all prompted me to create this site. Videos, posts and perhaps a book to share stories of people who found success and happiness without an IIT degree. People like me and so many others.

Anubhav Rohatgi

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