Tactics for success without an IIT Degree

99% of students are not going to make it to an IIT. You might be one of them. How will you shape your career without this prestigious degree? How will you think Beyond the IITs?

Introduction to Beyond IIT

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Anubhav works at Adobe Inc as a Senior Director of Product Management. Like many others non-IITians, he has had a non-traditional route to success. In this book, Anubhav is sharing career journeys for various successful people that did not get into an IIT and still found a path to success for themselves.

Our hope is that you find these stories inspiring and think beyond IITs. Anubhav has presented on career management and product management at various IIMs and technical institutes. He has a product management newsletter if that’s what you are into.

Here is Anubhav’s LinkedIn profile.

We wish you much success in your long career. We hope our content can help along the way.